Who We Are

Clarke Controls are Energy Management System specialists that can cut your energy bills by up to 40%.

We’re a leading manufacturer and installer of commercial Energy Management Systems (EMS) with over two decades of experience and nationwide clients, including Marshalls and Wickes.

Serving businesses of all sizes across the UK and Ireland, our Energy Management Systems help clients cut energy consumption, saving up to 40% on heating and energy bills while helping to reduce their carbon footprint.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, including energy strategy formulation, energy audits and cutting-edge LED lighting systems.

Our mission is to save you money, help the environment and lower your energy consumption through engagement and practical solutions.

With a proven track record and a commitment to excellence, we are your experienced partner in achieving your energy efficiency goals.

Our Mission

Clarke Controls creates and installs Energy Management Systems (EMS) that can save clients up to 40% on their heating and energy bills.

Our proprietary heating and lighting systems are engineered to reduce energy consumption significantly, ideal for a diverse range of workplaces, including industrial areas, workshops, factories, garages, and commercial environments.

Clarke Controls Energy Management Systems use advanced techniques to regulate energy use without compromising comfort or productivity.

By partnering with Clarke Controls, businesses save money and contribute to sustainability efforts by reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

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