Circular Carbon Economy

What is the Circular Carbon Economy?

Most economies discard raw materials as waste after use.
The circular economic system uses resources again and again.
Clarke Controls use this concept as the basis of a responsible business model.

  • Reduce:
    Energy efficiency within business plays a major part in mitigating climate change, as does fossil fuel reduction through substitution with lower carbon energy sources like renewables, hydropower, nuclear and bioenergy.

  • Reuse:
    CO₂ has value and using innovative technologies to capture it means it can be reused as useful products, such as fuels, bioenergy, chemicals, building materials, food and beverages.

  • Recycle:
    CO₂ is chemically transformed into new products such as fertilizer or cement, or other forms of energy such as synthetic fuels.

  • Remove:
    Using technology to capture and store CO₂ is an important way to achieve large-scale reduction of emissions, while increasing photosynthesis by planting flora also contributes toward reduction.

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