EV Charge Point Installation

Future-proof your fleet with an investment in EV

Part of your infrastructure

By 2035, new petrol and diesel car sales will be banned in the UK. Car owners and fleet managers have already been getting ahead of the game, and making the move towards electric vehicles.

Whether you are investing in an electric fleet or if your employees are using electric cars; electric charge points are a vital piece of infrastructure for your business.

As well as being more sustainable form of transport, electric vehicle users are benefiting from a number of cost savings and there are incentives available to businesses that use electric fleets.

Collaborating with you

We will collaborate with you to find the right EV charge point solution for your business and ensure that any installation meets safety requirements

You can consider multiple options for your installation:

  • Number of charge points
  • Location of charge points
  • Provision of free or chargeable points for your employees

When paired with a Solar PV system, Smart Chargers can also ensure that your vehicles are charged when it is most efficient meaning less waste and less reliance on grid power.

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