Energy Management System

Saving you money and improving your work environment

What we do

Heating control in large, industrial buildings can be wasteful:

  • Finding (and maintaining) the right temperature for a comfortable working environment can be challenging
  • Working patterns, people and equipment create variations in usage throughout the week
  • Wastage occurs when doors are left open

An Energy Management System can help you to overcome these challenges and importantly:

  • Save you up to 40% on your energy bills
  • Optimise your energy efficiency
  • Improve your organisations sustainability as you reduce your carbon footprint


How we do it

We replace your existing controls with a smart controller.

Your new smart controller will:

  • Maintain comfortable working conditions
  • Manage tamper-proof digital temperature sensors and roller door switches
  • Connect with the secure Clarke Controls website where users can make changes to shift patterns and target temperature
  • Be part of a multi-zone system that communicates with other controllers throughout the building
  • Monitor current and historical data to track patterns in usage and optimise the system

Start saving money today through your new Energy Management System

System Features

  • Up to four programmable working periods per day with individual target temperatures
  • Pre-heat to get the building warm for the start of any working period
  • Warm down at the end of the day for maximum economy
  • Frost protection out of hours
  • Highly accurate digital temperature sensors
  • Programmable holiday periods
  • Complete system access and visibility via our website

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You can book a Clarke Controls Survey today

With decades of experience we can conduct an energy audit for your business that will give you accurate data and management information so you can see where changes can be made

Step 1: Provide our team with a copy of the last 12 months

Step 2: Clarke Controls engineers will visit your premises to carry out a site visit

Step 3: Our team will create a comprehensive, personalised proposal to share with you that will include:

  • Cash flow projections
  • Finance options
  • A minimum savings estimate with return on investment
  • A range of system options to help you save money

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