Our Services

We can provide a full range of support services to support your Carbon Policy requirements.

Energy Audits

Using energy is unavoidable, but did you know there are many things you could do to make some real savings on your bills, whether you’re a large organisation or a SME?

A simple, straightforward energy audit can have a positive effect on your business and help stamp out those inefficient energy habits.

Energy Procurement

Clarke Controls works with the majority of suppliers from all parts of the UK market. We can review your current tariff and provide a comprehensive market comparison that will also include options for 100% carbon free renewable energy tariffs.

Our team can provide competitive pricing comparisons for SME, Mid-Market and I&C customers.

Carbon Policy

ooking to reduce your environmental impact and make a real difference within your business? Our leading team of Carbon Experts can help you reach your goals. With a wide range of services for your business: Carbon Assessments and Carbon Consultancy Services.

Electrical Monitoring

At Clarke Controls, we are constantly developing innovative new energy management systems to help save our customers even more money.
Whilst managing and monitoring the energy consumption of industrial heating systems is well-established, the same cannot be said for electricity usage. This is because many electrical systems run off various circuits meaning that it’s a lot harder to identify where savings could be made.

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