Marshalls PLC – St Ives

Project Overview

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of natural stone and concrete landscaping products, Marshalls PLC were looking to reduce their Carbon footprint and energy Costs at their manufacturing sites across the UK. Clark Controls were brought in by Richard Capper MEI (Group Carbon & Energy Manager) to advise and provide solutions to numerous challenges faced by the environmental and sustainability team. 

The Marshalls Dual Block manufacturing site at St Ives in Cambridgeshire, faced numerous issues with onsite heating and curing within the manufacturing process. The goal was to improve the energy management capabilities and reduce heating energy consumption without affecting product curing in the manufacturing process.


Marshalls faced a many key challenges with this project. A lack of onsite control meant that unoccupied areas were heated, whilst other occupied areas received inadequate heating. This led to excessive heating consumption and therefore, costs.

In addition to this, as heating was used as part of the product curing process, being able to regulate temperatures was essential.

Being able to control and regulate building temperatures as well as during the curing process was considered a vital requirement.


Through the process of a site survey, joint agreement on ambitions and targets, and Installation of a Clarke Controls EMS, we were able to achieve all the required objectives.

Staff training in using the system significantly improved the overall approach to how the site was heated and how the curing process could be optimised.


The Clarke Controls EMS provided the ideal solution to the management challenges and exceeded all expectations. The system was installed in late 2020 and to date has saved over £55,851 in gas consumption costs. Despite COVID based challenges, we were able to significantly reduce heating costs and improve product curing through a more targeted approach.

  • By December 2021, verified savings on gas spend had exceeded £55,851.
  • Improved culture of onsite energy management through behavioural change
  • Exceeded predicted return on investment.
  • Improved operational control of manufacturing curing process.
  • Full operational control of heating, with cloud-based access, management and reporting


Richard Capper MEL (Group Carbon 8 Energy Manager for Marshal’s PLC) confirmed that Clarke Controls had exceeded all expectations and achieved outstanding results to date, in what has been a very challenging year due to COVID-19. and commented “I wanted to work with a company that had the experience and expertise to address our energy management issues. and that company was Clarke Controls. The results speak for themselves”.

Published (25/07/22)