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Solar PV

Solar PV systems can contribute a significant amount of your electricity demand on site, depending of course on your demand and available roof space or spare land. This will considerably reduce the amount purchased at an ever-increasing cost from the National Grid, as all the power is made available on site through your existing electrical distribution system and is free.

LED Lighting

Lighting is taken for granted as a necessity, but what is it costing you to provide this essential facility? Traditional lighting consumes large amounts of electricity, has a short lifespan and is often costly to maintain. LED lighting has rapidly developed over the last 10 years and has now come of age, illustrated by the fact that we offer a 10-year warranty on most of our range.

EV Charging

Electric Vehicles are becoming increasingly common in the modern-day shift to sustainability. Chargers at your site will help employees and company fleets benefit from reduces costs and reduced carbon output. The installation of EV Charging facilities at your workplace will future-proof your business.

FAR Infrared Heating

Far Infrared Heating is an energy efficient alternative to traditional heat sources. When compared to other electrical heating types, such as fan heaters. Far infrared is more efficient due to its radiant heat. This means people, objects and the fabric of the building is heated, and no heat is wasted in the air. This makes you feel warmer for longer and turns other objects and surfaces into radiators.

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