Guaranteed energy savings

With the latest flexible energy management systems from Clarke Controls, you can expect energy savings of up to 40%

A guaranteed payback

At Clarke Controls, we always deploy an honest approach to bringing your energy bills down. We know that undertaking an overhaul of your systems is not to be taken lightly and with any major change in operations, there is often an initial outlay before savings can be made.

This is why we offer all our customers a guarantee on the savings they can expect to make with our systems. Following a full and comprehensive analysis of your energy consumption, we will stipulate a minimum savings guarantee, giving you peace of mind and an assurance that the installation costs will give you an excellent return on investment and will be paid back within 2 years or less.

We don’t believe in promising the world and disappointing our customers which is why we have never failed to achieve what we set out to.

What we’ve saved our customers:


Guaranteed Saving

Actual Saving

Sky Ford Motors 20% 35%
Holdcroft Crewe
NETV Blaydon

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