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At Clarke Controls, we like to work with our customers to achieve excellent and sustained savings on your Electricity and Heating bills. Following this collaborative process, we have proven ourselves to be dedicated and committed to driving down your fuel emissions and significantly lowering your energy consumption.


The first step towards guaranteed savings is for us is to get an idea of your usage and heating systems. Our sales team will normally ask you to send over a copy of your last 12 months energy bills and give an overview of the systems you currently use eg Warm Air Blowers, Radiant Tubes and other boiler systems. Using that information, we’re then able to start calculating the savings we could make you. We believe in under promising on our projections so that there is no margin for failing to deliver on our guarantees.


Free Energy Audit



Once we have the necessary information on your usage and spending on energy the next step is to conduct a site survey and complete a full Energy Audit which we do free of charge with no obligation.


Our team of engineers, alongside our dedicated site surveyor Joe Ashley will examine your site and look for any areas of improvement for housekeeping and energy efficiency.


Using the information you have provided, we will also complete a full analysis of your annual energy usage. The survey is designed to identify the best possible Energy Management System for your site and to ensure we can deliver on our promise to you.


Once the survey is complete, we will then send you a comprehensive analysis and breakdown including cash flow projections and finance options including how you could benefit from Enhanced Tax Relief under the Carbon Trust initiative. Most importantly, the breakdown will contain a Minimum Savings Guarantee. All our projections and recommendations are made with your best interests at heart and our goal is to make sure you get the savings we promise. We always achieve what we set out to do.


When we have both agreed on the right system for you, we then work closely with yourselves to ensure a smooth transition from your current systems to your new Energy Management System. Our team of engineers and installers are dedicated to working swiftly and efficiently to ensure the entire installation process is as quick and painless as possible.



To find out more about how we work and how you could make significant savings installing one of our Energy Management Systems call us today on 0845 603 9369 or email us at enquiries@clarke-controls.co.uk



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guaranteed payback

We have been customers of Clarke Controls for three years now and the installation of their Workshop Heater Time and Temperature and Door Controls have saved us over 35% on Gas consumption. Everything was so simple, from the site survey right through to installation.- Chris Schofield, Group Procurement at Thomas Hardie Commercials

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