Promoting Biodiversity

We at Clarke Controls are committed to minimising biodiversity loss by looking for novel and environmentally friendly solutions to reduce everyday energy consumption and waste. Biodiversity – makes our planet habitable and beautiful. Many of us look to the natural environment for pleasure, inspiration, or recreation. We also depend on it for food, energy, raw materials, air and water – the elements that make life as we know it possible and drive our economies. The pressures on many natural systems are growing, causing them to function less effectively or even taking them to the brink of collapse.

We all have the power to help safeguard biodiversity and we need everyone to join in. Everyone can make small changes in their daily habits without dramatically affecting their lifestyles. These small changes, added together, can help.

There are lots of ways in which we can all contribute such as reducing wasted water, composting food waste, recycling instead of landfill, and reducing reliance on plastic. If everyone takes just some of these simple steps it will make a big difference in preserving natural resources for future generations

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