How does it work?

Click on the animation link below to see how our controls work.

Our intuitive heating systems work hard to save you money using a whole range of features.

With years of experience in the energy management industry, we also understand that an efficient heating control system is useless if good house-keeping behaviours are not followed. Changing historical work culture and attitudes to energy efficiency and sustainability is key to getting the best out of an effective Carbon reduction strategy.

Web based user interface

Allows you to set / change time and temperature parameters from any web enabled device (PC’s, laptops, iPads, smartphones.)

Multi User Access

Different level user access, allows for secure and controlled system management.

Accurate Temperature Control

Standard thermostats are only accurate to within +/- 3°C.
Our self-calibrating Digital Temperature Sensors are accurate to within 0.5°C. Thereby eliminating excessive temperature swings, increasing comfort levels, and improving efficiency.

Accurate Time Controls

Including automatic BST and GMT updates.

Intuitive Self Learning Programme

Our heating controls calculate the exact time required for each heater or heating zone to achieve the set target temperature dependent on the prevailing internal & external temperature.

Optimised Stop Programme

The system gradually reduces the ambient temperature in the last hour of the working day.

Delay Action Door Switches

Switches off the nearest heater or heating zone if external roller shutter doors are left open for more than the pre-programmed period.

Multiple Shift Periods

Ensures that the heating is in use only when you need it.

We can help

As part of our Free Energy Audit service, we advise, recommend and provide the physical solutions on the steps and general behaviours you can implement to improve energy efficiency.

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