Top Five Energy Saving Tips for your Workplace

Counting for the majority of commercial building property, warehouses, factories and large facilities represent excellent opportunities for lowering operational costs, carbon footprint and dramatically improving a company’s bottom line.


With so much spent on heating and lighting these huge buildings and with energy prices constantly on the rise, businesses can ill afford to ignore any opportunities to reduce what they spend on energy. This is why we have compiled our top tips to help you save energy and stop wasting money.


Shut That Door!

An obvious one that brings back memories of not just Larry Grayson but the familiar chastising from our parents. Whilst your staff may not have been born in a barn, they are working in huge sheds where heat can easily escape out of doors wide enough for larger material handling vehicles. Where possible, installing automatic doors or doors that close on a timer can save thousands on annual heating costs. Save energy and keep it closed.


Fit Motion Sensors

Lighting can account for almost half of a warehouse facility’s energy usage. When you consider how staff can often leave lights on when they aren’t using a specific area this results in lost revenue. You can easily combat this issue by installing motion sensors that will only illuminate the areas that are being occupied.


Let Light LED the way…

In the past few years, you will have most likely heard a lot about LED lighting. The lighting industry is rapidly shifting away from the more traditional forms of lighting. The reason? LED lighting is far more energy efficient and whilst the switch may require an initial outlay, you could soon be saving up to 75% on energy costs.


Train your Staff

If given adequate training, you expect your staff to perform their duties to the standards you have set them and by and large they will do so. But what about all the extra stuff – not to mention health and safety? Unfortunately many employers overlook these aspects of the job and just want their staff to focus on getting the job done – at all costs. Unfortunately, they are then left to count the costs of the utility bills as staff are allowed to tamper with heating controls, leave doors flung open and don’t bother to switch off unused equipment. Laying down some simple ground rules will ensure the whole warehouse stays on top of usage and helps keep the business energy efficient.


Get a system that works

Small changes can go a long way but if you want to make significant savings across all sites installing an intuitive Energy management System is the only way to go. You may feel this is too drastic a change but installing a system from Clarke Controls can be easily implemented into your existing system and will not only control your usage but also monitor where you are wasting energy and how you can make further savings. Our systems can be controlled and monitored remotely so no matter where you are you can rest assured your premises are running at optimum efficiency! 


Start counting the savings today. Arrange a free site survey from Clarke Controls and we’ll carry out a full audit of your usage including recommendations for making your business more energy efficient.

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