Warehousing & Logistics

Warehousing and storage facilities understand that managing their space is a primary concern in order to ensure goods and stock is properly kept and accounted for.




As a result, their heating systems need to be flexible depending on the nature of the goods they store in their buildings. With many large scale warehouses needing to regulate their heating controls in order to keep the wide range of products, consumables and medicine at optimum temperatures, we are constantly in demand from warehousing and logistical companies to deliver flexible systems to suit them.


When managing such a large area and using heating systems such as warm air blowers and radiant tubes it’s vital that warehouses stay on top of their energy consumption. Our heating controls are designed specifically to help heat such buildings more efficiently and our dedicated surveyor will also identify the best practices for keeping heat in and lowering the amount of wasted energy.


As well as storage, many warehouses need to use equipment that put a serious strain on electricity meter readings and can consume high levels of oil and gas. Using our highly accurate Web Control System, you can monitor your energy usage from anywhere over the internet.

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Warehouses and large storage facilities can leak huge volumes of energy and have a detrimental impact on your balance sheet. Win back control by taking our Free Energy Audit.


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Resulting from the surveys, Clarke Controls’ proposals were implemented by them efficiently and without any disruptions to the business. The savings appear to be greater than that guaranteed by Clarke Controls. It is now our intention to continue to work with them to consider other options to further reduce our energy consumption.”- North East Truck and Van

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