Manufacturing plants consume high volumes of oil and gas on a daily basis. At Clark Controls we have worked with numerous manufacturing firms to significantly reduce their energy consumption.



With changing fuel prices, we know how a sudden rise can affect your bottom line by driving up the costs of manufacture.


As your customers will also be feeling the effects of changes in the market, rather than pass on the cost to the buyer we can work with you to significantly reduce your energy bills so that you remain competitive and still continue at your current level of output.


As well as this short term gain, you will also make significant long term savings at a minimum of 25% with many manufacturers reporting an average saving of 40% using our Energy Management Systems.


We guarantee payback on installation and purchasing of our systems within 2 years or less and we regularly over perform on our projections:


At Clarke Controls we understand how important it is for manufacturing plants to balance their energy output in order to maximise gains. Increase efficiency and profits with our Energy Management Systems.



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guaranteed payback

The control installation has lived up to, and in fact far exceeded your claims! The actual savings over 9 months have already more than paid for the system.- Link 51

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