At Clarke Controls we combine our expertise in the Energy Management sector with a sound understanding of the commercial impact that changes in systems can have on a medium to large scale business operation.


This is why we have developed an installation programme that will not disrupt your daily operations. Our number one goal is always to save businesses money on their fuel bills but we also know that disruption in productivity can also have a negative impact on revenue.




We adopt a complete retrofit installation so that from start to finish, we can ensure a smooth transition from your current energy management system to our innovative new one. We have always found that by working alongside our customers we’re able to not only achieve savings of up to 60% on gas and electricity but also make sure that the installation is as painless as possible.



Following on from our comprehensive Site Audit, we will detail our recommendations in full and explain clearly what changes will be made to your site. We will work closely with your site managers and energy officers so that they are fully aware of the changes being implemented and our installers will be on hand to allay any concerns or queries regarding the new system. What’s more you will not have to make any changes to your current Energy or Gas supplier.


We always achieve what we set out to do so you will be given a full schedule of the work being carried out with a set completion date. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way all whilst allowing you to concentrate on keeping your business running as normal throughout the process.


Once installation is complete, we’ll show you how to use the simple system allowing you to set access codes, accurate time controls and manage and monitor your energy usage with our unique Web Control System. For an easy transition to lowering your carbon footprint and making guaranteed savings of 25% within two years or less, you can trust Clarke to deliver a system that works.


To find out more about our installation process and to arrange your Free Site Survey, call us today on 0845 603 9369 or email us at



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guaranteed payback


The control installation has lived up to, and in fact far exceeded your claims! The actual savings over 9 months have already more than paid for the system.- Link 51

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