Multi-site Installations

Clarke Controls specialise in multi-site installations of our systems. We are no strangers to large scale projects and our robust and pioneering technology is perfectly geared toward managing your energy across several site locations nationwide.


Most importantly, we have developed an installation programme that will not disrupt your daily operations. Our number one goal is always to save businesses money on their fuel bills but we also know that an interruption in productivity can also have a negative impact on revenue.This is why we adopt a complete retrofit installation so that from start to finish, we can ensure a smooth transition from your current energy management system to our innovative new one, across all your sites.


When our customers see the huge savings that can be made at just one site, it’s easy for finance directors and business managers to see the benefits of installing Clarke Controls at all their premises:

Of the six sites where we had historic gas consumption data, we have seen an average reduction of 25% in gas usage against last year’s figures after adjusting for the effects of the milder winter. We are delighted with the work you have done for us to date and look forward to realizing similar savings throughout the Group.- K J McLean, Group Finance Director, Arnold Clark

Not only will installing our energy controls across all your sites give you an even bigger return on investment, it will also bring your company closer in line with changes to government legislation and the Climate Change Levy that companies must commit to.


Another customer that benefited massively from  multiple site installation was premier Builder’s Merchants Jewsons who after installing our Energy Management Controls at over 120 sites were recognised by Sustain magazine and won the 2013 Award for Energy. Thanks to the massive savings made, we are now working with Jewsons with a view to install across all 600 of their sites nationwide.


We have never failed to deliver on a project and with over 50 year’s industry experience, we can guarantee to ensure energy efficiency across your business. As the only energy management solution that includes a remote Web Control System, we offer the ideal solution to those wishing to control their energy consumption over numerous sites.


If you want to reduce your emissions and energy consumption across all sites to make significant savings to your organisation, contact us to arrange a Free Energy Audit on 0845 603 9369 or email us at


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guaranteed payback

We have seen a saving of approximately £30,000 for our six sites which has already covered the cost of the system install and represents an average 49% saving against spend for the same period last year. I have no hesitation in recommending your company and the energy management system.- Kathy Edwards, Group Purchasing & Facilities Manager, Hendy Group


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