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For many of our customers, Financial Directors and Energy Managers are often tasked with overseeing the expenditure and energy consumption of several sites – often dotted around a vast geographical area. Even when just managing one or two sites, the nature of modern business means that many of our customers need to be able to access energy consumption levels from a remote location.


At Clarke-Controls, we understand this challenge which is why we have developed the pioneering Web Control System that allows you to access your energy management interface from any computer anywhere in the world across the internet.


Our Web Control System enables you to access your energy management control centre from anywhere, remotely over the internet. We are currently the only supplier in the country that offers this facility which has considerable benefits for the user and will ensure you can stay on top of your energy consumption 24 hours a day giving you complete peace of mind no matter where you are.


Key features of the Web Control System:


  • Full access to heating controls remotely across the internet
  • Set different access levels for Site Manager, Regional Manager and Directors
  • Track heating performance analytics to ensure efficient fuel consumption
  • Access an historic log of external and internal temperatures at each site
  • Alerts – if there’s a fault or a change in the heating settings you’ll know about it
  • Our dedicated help desk can diagnose and repair faults without having to go to site


As well as this, having constant access to peaks and troughs in energy usage without having to be on site will enable you to compare consumption across all areas of the business and identify where you could be saving even more money on your gas and electricity bills.


With so many of us having to work remotely, often travelling large distances on a regular basis, invest in a system that matches your working pattern and use a flexible and mobile user-control interface from Clarke Controls.


To find out how our Web Control System will enable you to win back total control over your energy usage call our team today on 0845 603 9369 or email us at enquiries@clarke-controls.co.uk


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The web-based control system monitors external and internal temperatures and controls all aspects of our in-branch heating systems meaning that all of our sites are now visible and adjustable enabling us to significantly reduce our energy costs.- Rod Leigh, Director for Sustainability at Jewsons
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