A rise in temperature of just 1° will increase your energy bills by 8%


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With energy prices set to rise significantly over the next five years, you simply cannot afford to continue heating your business with inefficient and costly systems. Our bespoke heating systems combine accuracy and flexibility to ensure you get guaranteed savings averaging 40%. Our unique temperature controls not only allow you to easily adjust your temperature but also monitor your energy consumption allowing you to quantify your usage and the savings you’re making.


Our intuitive heating systems work hard to save you money using a whole range of features:-


  • A Green Retrofit – Installation of our controls will cause no disruption to your daily operations


  • Residual Heat Optimisation – this feature utilises the heat already generated by the heater to maximum effect by constantly altering the output to achieve optimum performance. 


  • Accurate Temperature Control – Standard thermostats are only accurate to within +/- 3°C. We install self-calibrating Digital Temperature Sensors, which are accurate to within 0.1°C, thereby cutting out excessive temperature swings.


  • Accurate time control – including automatic BST and GMT updates.


  • Tamperproof – Without the appropriate code, no unauthorised alteration to the time & temperature settings will be accepted by our system.


  • External Temperature Sensor – By monitoring the outside temperature, the System will raise or lower the internal ambient temperature as appropriate. 


  • Self-Learning Start Programme – Calculates the exact time required for each heater or heating zone to achieve the target temperature dependent on the prevailing internal & external temperature.


  • Optimised Stop Programme – Gradually reduces the ambient temperature in the last hour of the working day.


  • Delay Action Door Switches – Shuts off the nearest heater or heating zone if external roller shutter doors are left open for more than a pre-programmed period of time.



With decades of experience in the energy management industry, we also understand that an efficient heating control system is useless if good housekeeping behaviours are ignored. As part of our Free Energy Audit service we also make recommendations on the steps and general behaviours you can implement to make sure you’re not wasting valuable heat with open doors.


If you want to dramatically lower your heating bills contact us for your Free Energy Audit on 0845 603 9369 or email us at enquiries@clarke-controls.co.uk


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We are extremely pleased with the savings that you have made for our members on their heating oil/gas consumption over the last 18 months and we would have no hesitation in recommending your services to any company looking to become more energy efficient.- Paul Knight, Ex Chairman of the RAA

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