How can our energy management services help you?

Our job is saving you money


As experts in Energy Management control systems, we have always provided our customers with easy to use systems, guaranteed to make savings of 25% or more on their Energy and Gas usage.


  • Simple Systems – Significant Savings to increase your bottom line
  • Swift Returns – cost of installation will be paid back within 2 years
  • Improve your energy efficiency and lower your carbon footprint
  • Manage consumption anytime, anywhere with our unique Web-based control interface


A Complete Package


At Clarke, we want to give you total control over your energy consumption and get you closer to offsetting your carbon footprint. We do this by providing a complete package. From an initial audit and site survey, we will then make honest recommendations on how to reduce your energy consumption and provide you with a guaranteed savings promise upon installation of our products.


All our products are designed and manufactured by us right here in the UK using the latest energy management technology. We guarantee complete confidence in our systems and offer full guidance and training on getting the very best out of them. We want our systems to give you total peace of mind which is why we offer a 12 month warranty upon installation.


With ever increasing energy prices, Energy meter readings, complex tariffs and out of date systems can all conspire to drive up your energy consumption and your expenditure. We know finance and business directors need to make cutbacks where possible, but our energy solutions will allow you to increase your efficiency and lower your spending so you can focus your resources on maintaining and growing your business.


Given the significant reduction in gas consumption throughout the Wickes properties, I am confident this will be a major contribution towards achieving Travis Perkins carbon reduction target- Travis Perkins plc


Simple Systems to suit you


We believe in offering the customer total flexibility which is why we provide easy to use systems that you can access anytime, anywhere. Our new Web Control System enables you to access your energy management control centre from anywhere, remotely over the internet. We are currently the only supplier that offers this facility which has considerable benefits for the user and will ensure you can stay on top of your energy consumption 24 hours a day giving you peace of mind no matter where you are.


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guaranteed payback

We have seen a saving of approximately £30,000 for our six sites which has already covered the cost of the system install and represents an average 49% saving against spend for the same period last year. I have no hesitation in recommending your company and the energy management system.- Kathy Edwards, Group Purchasing & Facilities Manager, Hendy Group

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