Link 51

LINK 51 manufactures industrial racking systems from a large factory in Telford.




The factory is heated by a number of warm air blowers and radiant tube heaters, with an annual heating gas consumption in excess of £40,000.


Effective control of the heating was important to them as gas prices were starting to escalate, so in the Autumn of 2004 they asked Clarke Controls to install an energy management system to save money. 


Prior to installing the system, Clarke’s guaranteed to make reductions of 20%. There was some degree of scepticism about the level of savings we were guaranteeing as they already had a basic energy management system in place.


However, after analysing the gas consumption the Clarke’s energy management system had actually saved over £19,000 in the first 12 months – more than double the guarantee and a reduction of 46%

The control installation has lived up to, and in fact far exceeded your claims! The actual savings over 9 months have already more than paid for the system.- Link 51


The results we had working with Link 51 is just another example of our commitment to keeping, and more often than not, over delivering on our promises. At Clarke Controls, the bottom line has and always will be delivering significant and sustained savings on your gas and electricity consumption.


If you want to reduce your emissions and energy consumption to make significant savings to your organisation, contact us to arrange a Free Energy Audit on 0845 603 9369 or email us at


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