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With over 50 years combined expertise in the electronics & energy management industry everyone within the company from Directors to Sales staff, Manufacturing, Research & Development and installation personnel are all 100% dedicated to providing you with the best customer service and a guarantee on the money we promise to save your business.



homebox2 We design, manufacture and install bespoke energy management systems for the industrial and commercial sectors and we guarantee to reduce your heating bills. Since our inception in 2004 we have installed our system into thousands of buildings of all shapes and sizes averaging savings of 40%. Because we understand the financial impact that high volumes of daily energy consumption can make, we are expertly placed to deliver the right solution specific to your industry sector and the size of your site.






We serve the whole of the UK and have successfully installed bespoke systems across the country – often covering numerous site locations. After conducting a full analysis of your premises energy efficiency, we will work closely alongside you to install the right systems that will slash your fuel bills by as much as 50%.








Increase your bottom line and make year on year savings with Clarke Controls. To arrange for a Free Energy Audit call us on 0845 603 9369 or email us at enquiries@clarke-controls.co.uk


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Despite our technicians being sceptical initially, they are now all more than happy as the system has given them a more controlled level atmosphere. From a financial point of view, the heating oil purchases over the winter period since installation, shows a downward trend and has certainly paid for the costs incurred already.- Sky Ford
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